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Indulge into the world of Poems! We are in the 21st century where people have very less time to read. Yet, emotions can totally change that aspect for you. What if the one you love shared a piece of poem with you? Won't you want to read? Here, we are going to be your partner for bringing emotions out via words, precisely poems. Buzz us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, we are at your service!


Pregnant Woman by Birch

I was all nervous and pale. 

It was my first time;

First time to witness something amazing.
And, I am responsible for making it happen. 


At first, it felt like a dream -

But, here I am holding my better half’s hands tighter

To just experience the dream come true moment. 


There, a sac of happiness popped up

And we just heard the golden words - 

“Congratulations MAMA and DADA.”
My heart skipped a beat the second time!



Image by Meimei Ismail


यह पल कुछ खास है, 

इस पल से नये जीवन की शुरुआत है, 

सबसे अलग, मेरा दोस्त, मेरा प्यार अब जिंदगी भर के लिए मेरे साथ है, 

यह पल कुछ खास है| 


जो कल किसी के आँखों का तारा थी, 

वो आज किसी के घर की लाज है, 

जो लाड़ से पली- बढ़ी, 

वो आज किसी की आन है, 

यह पल कुछ खास है| 


तारों सी झिलमिलाती हुई यह रात कुछ खास है, 

आज खुशी हर चेहरे की शान है. 

यह पल कुछ खास है| 

यह पल कुछ खास है|| 

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About Slokhem

Slokhem is a startup founded by two women who are passionate about helping people deliver priceless emotions via poems. You can be a brand who are in search of words or a commoner who wants to gift an amazing feeling - Slokhem is your place. 

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