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Have you ever wondered how poems can be the next big thing? Be it wedding, birthday, mother's day, valentine's day or any special day - expressing poetically creates a personal and close to heart experience.


Well, I have tried writing poems for  my mom, brother, boyfriend and have also written for couple of greeting cards. People have really enjoyed reading them. 


If you don't believe me you can check a couple of them here. And if you like them, you can leave a message to us here 

Welcome to Slokhem, a home for your emotions through poems. Slokhem houses two working women who are in love with words and dream to be a successful entrepreneurs. Slokhem holds a theme - Poetry as a Service (PaaS), where you can get customised poems for any occasion/ special day, you can also opt for special person (On demand) and for brands who would love to experiment with words. 

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The Slokhem Girls

The Slokhem Girls are colleagues who happen to work together for a Social Media firm in Bangalore. We both found a lot in common and we relished every moment of the things that remained common. 

And that is how we found Slokhem (Slokh + Poem)! 

Poems can be short like haikus; Or could be a stanza; Or could be as long as sonnet; Or could be an Ode or ballad. We would not want to restrict your emotions to fit within specific word count. 

This is our dream project, where we want to help people share their priceless emotions via words. 


If you love this concept or find it fascinating, why don't we chat over a virtual coffee meeting? 


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