Can a poem be a marketing tool for branding? Is that even possible? Branding needs short content pieces for ROI, ROAs, Engagement. How will poem make a difference?

We know what questions run in your head, when it comes to brand. Every brand has certain ways to reach out to their valuable customers. There is always a beautiful brand-customer relationship, and it is important for the brands to show love to their customers.

We suggest, be bold on what you want to express if you love your customers and they will love you back. You can email them or PM them or DM them or even reply to a comment or shall exclusively share love to all you customers.  But have you ever thought of reaching out to your customers via poems? 

If yes, then you have already won so many hearts. If you haven’t, then Poem as a Service (PaaS) should be your switch. You can express and showcase your love for customer purchases, customer happiness, customer loyalty with words that mean a lot to them. It's time to step up and make difference. Be the pioneer of sharing a new relationship with your customers via words. Be their friend or even pen friend and create exclusiveness and rich experience with Poems.


You can go with the simplest haiku, or can go for a beautiful sonnet, the choice is yours. We, at Slokhem, make sure to rob your customers / targeted crowd hearts with all the love and without any hassle.

Image by Brett Jordan
Image by Belinda Fewings
Image by Jo San Diego