On Demand

You get what you demand! We are not kidding. Are you planning to embark on a new journey? Do you want to remind you of how special you are? Or do you want to leave a bit of your memory to your loved ones, so that they get reminded of you?

Scrap books, Diaries, slam books, journals for your moods, for recording motherhood experiences, for your collecting memories or keeping a track of things you do, or even a poster that has poem with your image. Make your wall, phones and everything in your life smile with words that can make you feel special. 

PS: We will involve you in our brainstorming sessions if you want to or we shall surprise you with crazy ideas. It's up to you. But, please make sure you place an order 7 to 15 days prior, so that we will be able to make it worth. 


About Slokhem

Slokhem is a startup founded by two women who are passionate about helping people deliver priceless emotions via poems. You can be a brand who are in search of words or a commoner who wants to gift an amazing feeling - Slokhem is your place. 

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