• Varu Dwarak

Slokhem earns its first income and a lifelong customer!

September 9, 2020 is a very special day for me and my partner, as we earned our first income from one of our beloved customers and friends. It all started with my WhatsApp story, where I had shared about "What is PaaS". We had a normal WhatsApp conversation about Slokhem and she ended up being our customer.

Source: Facebook review

What did we write?

Pooja is all set to embark on a new journey in her life. Yes, she is gonna be the most beautiful bride. As I was really overwhelmed to hear it from her, she came up with an idea of writing a poem to her fiancé who is in California - like, literally 140000 kms away from her. She wanted to convey how much she missed him and wanted to light him up with this poem. We all know love has no boundaries and we could not miss this opportunity.

We wrote her a poem and got some suggestions from her. Well, every customer gives us an opportunity to learn and so did she. She was very appreciative and helpful with all the details and pictures. And voila, poem was okayed by her.

Pooja - We both are now officially in a lifelong relationship, as you are now Slokhem's customer.

Thank you for trusting Slokhem! If you would want to anyone specially or share how much you love them or gift them beautiful emotions through words, chat with us on Instagram, Facebook or write to us on slokhem@gmail.com

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