• Varu Dwarak

What is PaaS - Poetry as a Service?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We all have come across classic poems during our school days. Poems have had an extinguishable trait - they are open to interpretations and have multiple meanings and perceptions. From being an eighth grader to being a 27 year old working professional, all that I could recollect about poems is that, they have had a great recall value and are always attached to emotions.

Just like William Wordsworth quoted, "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility."

The Recall Value

It is a very simple poem and I read quite a few years back. I was able to recite it out loud without changing a word. I was shocked for a bit. I have read this poem 15 years ago, but I am still able to recollect every bit of it and knew the name of the poet. Well, I am deeply rooted to poems, but I know a handful of people remembering rhymes like "twinkle-twinkle or machli jal ki rani hai." When I tried to decipher where does this all come from, I tried to get back to kindergarten rhymes. As a matter of fact, rhymes stick to your conscious due to its pattern, while the entire poem could be remembered because, you are emotionally connected to it and your sub-conscious pulls that memory file and plays it in your head.

The Emotion

When I read Silvia Plath's poems, I will empathise with her words and could get into her head through her words; When I read Robert Frost's poems, I tend to feel a lot philosophical; When I read Shakespeare's sonnets, I would be casted with the romance spell. Words shape emotions and when written in a different manner, they could create a huge impact on an individual. Poems have that quality of creating a huge impact that will actually influence the readers' minds.

The Dopamine Connect

Your neural network is wired to emotions. They look tangled and complicated, but you should know which nerve to touch to sense the frequency. Let us say, if I am going to write a poem about you and share that with you, the first thing you would feel is "happiness." You are all surprised and feel really special that you would want to read that out right away. When there are lines that remind you of yourself correctly, you would be really very emotional. And am sure, you will remember that line that touched your heart really well and you might as well share it on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram tagging me a thank you. That's the effect of a poem.

Poetry as a Service (PaaS)

It is based on "Word Cloud"; It's 'Delivery mode' is emotion;

It is "On-demand" as it is customised to people's wishes;

It is meant for your loved ones or your customers, if you are a brand. You can "Host" this on your WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. There is 'No API Restriction', Because the language we use while coding is very personal. Here, you can get your poems delivered in no time.

All you need to do is share a few data that will help us write the poem.

About Slokhem

Slokhem is a Poetry as a Service (PaaS) based startup and we are based out of Bangalore. This crazy idea struck us when we were just coining this acronym PaaS. We write poems for all occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any festivals); We also do On-Demand poem based memory books (scrapbooks, journals, etc.); We also help brands communicate with their customers in a different tone instead of a constant and mundane long or short form of copy. If this made you go "WOW', we are just a ping away. To know more, visit us here www.slokhem.com Happy reading! Team Slokhem