Wishing someone on WhatsApp is something most of us do. We stay connected with our near and dear ones. We either send them amazing Morning quotes or Diwali, Friendship day, Navratri wishes! But, what if those wishes had your picture when you send it to your family or friends? You would get a "Very Good Morning" back to you. Imagine if you could replicate this feeling across your entire WhatsApp contact of very close people through a story or your DP! Introducing Slokhem Cards - where you can share your personalised wishes on WhatsApp message, Status or have as your DP. Every card is just RS.50 and it is customised according to your need.  


Do you love this concept? Get in touch with us on Facebook, Insta or WhatsApp! If you are buying 9 Plus cards in bulk - a surprise is awaiting you!

About Slokhem

Slokhem is a startup founded by two women who are passionate about helping people deliver priceless emotions via poems. You can be a brand who are in search of words or a commoner who wants to gift an amazing feeling - Slokhem is your place. 

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