Special Days

Well, we know every single day is a special day! Yet, there are days that are close to your hearts and they kindle a lot of nostalgia that you would want to get reminded of. But, have you thought of expressing what you feel in poem? If you already have, congratulations - that is one of the best ways to make your loved ones feel special. 

According to Dr. Thomas Gilovich, happiness level is directly proportional to creating and sharing experiences than sharing materialistic gift. 

We, at Slokhem, love to be your partner at these times. When you feel you are falling short of words, you can just WhatsApp us and share what you are exactly looking for. From then, we are at your service.

We could write a lengthy poem that describes every single emotion you want to pour out; We could also write a simple 4 liner that will make your loved one feel special (less is more right?); We could also write some love filled sonnets that will make you look a poet. Or, if you would want to ask your man or woman out, we will help you write a poem full of pick up lines that will make him or her grin and blush in happiness.

What are you waiting for? Just ping us or call us on 7338131002. 



Image by Nick Fewings
Image by Ben Rosett
Image by Adi Goldstein
Image by Brooke Lark